Monday, July 28, 2008

August 16th Readings: Larry Doyle, Jackie Corley, Linda Franklin

Larry Doyle is the author of I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER, soon to be a minor motion picture directed by Chris Columbus and starring Hayden Panettiere in the title role. He was a writer-producer for The Simpsons for four years, and now makes something of a living writing screenplays and allegedly funny things for The New Yorker.

Jackie Corley was born in 1982. She developed Word Riot ( in March 2002 with the help of Paula Anderson. Word Riot Press, an independent publishing press, evolved out of the magazine in January 2003. Her writing has appeared on-line at, 3AM Magazine, and Pequin, among others, and in various print anthologies. Her short story collection, The Suburban Swindle, will be published in October 2008 by So New (

Linda Campbell Franklin has written and/or illustrated 40+ nonfiction books, but she's given up assembling and rearranging facts out of neat file cabinets, and has returned to what's in her messy brain—fiction. Soon she hopes to finish one of the four novels in progress. She teaches creative writing at a re-entry program for ex-offenders. Only one piece of fiction has been published—a short story for children a couple of years ago. She hasn’t tried to publish anything else, so if you have a carrot stick, please use it on her! Her blog is

Monday, July 21, 2008

July 19th Readings

A happy and hungry crowd

Sean Carman reads a selection of humorous shorts from biblical to Washington Beltway.

Rupert Wondolowski reads his story "Larry the Swollen and Manny the Art Gimp"

The Murdaland raffle, courtesy of Michael Kimball

Savannah Schroll Guz reads an excerpt from her novel in progress.

See you on August 16th for Larry Doyle, Linda Franklin, and Jackie Corley!

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 19th Reading: Savannah Schroll Guz, Sean Carman, Rupert Wondolowski

Savannah Schroll Guz is author of The Famous and The Anonymous (2004) and editor of the theme-based fiction anthology Consumed: Women on Excess (2005). She has been nominated for a Pushcart and a StorySouth Million Writers Award and is a monthly "Short Takes" columnist for Library Journal. Once upon a time, she worked as a correspondence translator for Bavaria's Prince von Hohenzollern and consequently wore out two very sturdy dictionaries. She now lives on a farm in the Mountain State of West Virginia and is at work on a novel.

Sean Carman has written for McSweeney's, the Comedy Central Television Network, Bookslut, and Maud Newton. He contributed to the McSweeney's anthology Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans and wrote the fake introduction to the anthology Stumbling and Raging: More Politically Inspired Fiction, edited by Stephen Elliott. Sean currently blogs for the Huffington Post and its sister political comedy site 23/6, and for the website for the literary magazine Hobart. Sean is working, very slowly, on a collection of short stories and a novel. He lives in Washington, DC, where he works as an environmental lawyer.

Rupert Wondolowski is the author of The Whispering of Ice Cubes, Humans Go Outside to Hurt You, and a few others. His work has appeared in Murdaland, Lost and Found Times, Rampike, Open 24 Hours, Fell Swoop, Rock Heals, Peek Review, and many other literary journals. He is the editor of The Shattered Wig Review and host of the erratically held Shattered Wig Nights at the glorious 14 Karat Cabaret. He occasionally gets to read his work on WYPR's treasured program "The Signal" and to pass judgment on authors far more accomplished than himself in book reviews in Baltimore's City Paper.