Thursday, January 31, 2008

February 16th Reading: The Authors of Santi: Lives of Modern Saints

We are pleased to feature authors from Santi: Lives of Modern Saints, a 452-page anthology of short stories by some of the most original upcoming American and Italian writers. Published by Baltimore's Black Arrow Studio and Press, Lives is edited by Luca Dipierro and N. Frank Daniels and is illustrated by Rachel Bradley. Lives includes the "CD WHERE'S MY HALO? Five Stories from SANTI" with original soundtracks by Sin Ropas (USA), Blake/e/e/e (USA/Italy), Polmo Polpo (Canada), Garland of Hours (USA), and absinthe (provisoire; France.)

About the Authors:
Rachel Bradley is a visual artist, designer, and photographer. Departing from a background of traditional b/w photography, her work has evolved into more complex multimedia forms. She recently curated an exhibition, Objects of Adoration, at MAP in Baltimore. She’s also editing Homeland, a book of photographs by Chris Brokaw and Chique Pensão, by Portuguese artists Rui Vitorino Santos and Julio Dolbeth. []

Luca Dipierro is a writer, filmmaker, and illustrator. In 2007 ,he created Black Arrow Studio & press with his wife Rachel Bradley. A collection of his short stories, Breakfast in America, will be published in 2008. I Probably Should Have Changed My Shirt, a DVD collecting his first short films, is available through Black Arrow. He is currently working on a documentary about crime fiction writer Derek Raymond.

David R. Matthews lives in Brooklyn. He grew up in Baltimore City, and stopped by several universities without managing to collect any degrees, certifications, or awards. He has appeared on CNN, The CBS Sunday Morning Show, The Tavis Smiley Show, and BET, discussing matters of race and American culture. Ace of Spades is his first book. Look for its follow up, Brother Superior, in 2009.