Friday, June 25, 2010

June 19th Readings

Thanks for attending the June 19th edition of the 510 Readings. We'll be on hiatus until September, so here's what happened if you weren't there:

Readers visited us this month from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. A sizable and appreciative crowd was on hand:

Laura Ellen Scott read selections from her collection in progress of "creepy" flash fictions. Although it would be cheap to call them haunting, what else can you say about a story with a baby crib inside a bedroom wall? (We hope the B&W photo helps you get in the mood.) Anyway, be on the lookout for this collection sometime soon!

Timothy Gager followed, describing the perils of using high-wattage light bulbs in Easy Bake ovens. If you want to find out more, check out his latest collection, Treating a Sick Animal: Flash and Micro Fictions.

After the break, Bill Black mesmerized us with a true cruel story of youth, which can be found in the latest issue of The Southern Review.

To close, Curtis Smith treated us to some essays from his upcoming collection of essays, The Agnostic's Prayer.

I am sorry you missed out on such wonderful readings (and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, courtesy of Timothy Gager). But you can catch us twice in September—9/18 at our regular haunt (Minas) and 9/25 at the Baltimore Book Festival. See you then!

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