Monday, September 21, 2009

September 18th Reading

Thanks to everyone who came out for Sam Lignon, Robert Lopez, Blake Butler, Johannah Rodgers, and Donald Breckenridge. It was an amazing, strange, fabulous display of voices, a big, big love.

Sam Lignon pondered whether the Pixies sing "bone mashing" instead of "bone machine" in his blunt, powerful piece from DRIFT AND SWERVE:

Johannah Rodgers mused about code partners and identity theft in her novel-in-progress:

Robert Lopez drew us an stick-figure air conditioner, among other things, in his latest book, KAMBY BOLOGNO MEAN RIVER:

Donald Breckenridge wonders what we talk about when we talk about love in New York City in his latest novel, YOU ARE HERE:

Blake Butler assaults us with apocalyptic visions and bloody babies from his new collection, SCORCH ATLAS. And then we were off to dinner:

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Anonymous said...

what about that schmo who rolled in at the last minute? jerkface.