Monday, February 22, 2010

Thanks for joining us for the February 20th reading, an evening of fiction and nonfiction.

Meghan Kenny, Ron Tanner, Jane Satterfield, and Kevin Sampsell were our featured readers:

Meghan Kenny began the evening reading from her novel in progress.

Ron Tanner read from his prize-winning chapbook, Wheels, available soon from Gertrude Press.

After the intermission, Jane Satterfield read from her acclaimed memoir, Daughters of Empire, available from Demeter Press.

Finally, Future Tense Press publisher Kevin Sampsell made the trip from Portland to read from his newly released memoir, A Common Pornography, from Harper Perennial.

Join us next month for Molly Gaudry, Jamie Iredell, Ashlie Kauffman, and Todd Whaley!

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