Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Great October 510

I started off by reading some things that had been written on a piece of paper.

Then Matt Bell read from How They Were Found, the very first reading from the actual book, and the 510 felt honored.

Then Joanna Howard read the first story from On the Winding Stair and the syntax was intricate and beautiful. We were all caught up in it.

Then we took a break while Brian Evenson signed books and Alphonso Lingis (the great philosopher) said the truest things.

Then Carolyn Parkhurst read from her new novel, The Nobodies Album, which is a novel that denies it is in fact a novel while also containing seven other novels.

And then Brian Evenson read a story with a title I don't know how to spell, but it was good.

And then we went to Frazier's.

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